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With the well-known clay in Fareham’s soil, the water coming from it is going to be hard; and with the sea so close by, tidal sea mineral deposits will make it even harder. Whether in Portchester, Funtley, Titchfield or Catisfield, water softeners in Fareham are essential to the enjoyment and safe use of water.

Hard water contains minerals that can alter its reaction to other substances, such as laundry and dish detergents. These minerals are sometimes regulated by government agencies and partly removed by central water filtration, but the resulting water can still be hard while officially being considered safe. A home or business water filtration system acts as a necessary supplement to municipal water filtration to soften water and make it more drinkable and usable in bathing, washing and manufacture.

TwinTec South Coast are the premier water softener installers in Fareham. We have years of experience installing and maintaining water softening systems in both residential and commercial/industrial buildings. Our expert staff can assess your water softening needs and then recommend the appropriate install of water softening equipment, as well as provide you with an ongoing source of supplies for water softening. We operate not only in Fareham but the entire surrounding area from the edge of Portsmouth to the edge of Southampton. Trust TwinTec for all of your water softening needs and enjoy water as it was meant to be enjoyed in cooking, washing and industry—clean, pure, fresh, and above all soft.

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